January 10, 2020

Loan and Credit Independent Financial Advisors

Loan and Credit Independent Financial Advisors are a large group of people in Poland dealing with consulting in the selection of the right financial product for the clients they serve. How huge this market is shows the latest report of the Association of Financial Consulting Companies (ZFDF), which presents the sales results achieved in the first quarter of this year.

The list includes sales of companies associated by the organization and whose volume amounts to USD 2.74 billion. As emphasized by most analysts in this market segment, there is a noticeable increase in loans granted by financial intermediation companies due to the relaxation of the risk assessment conditions by the banks themselves.

Value of MORTGAGE LOANS paid in the first quarter of 2010 (in USD million)

Value of MORTGAGE LOANS paid in the first quarter of 2010 (in USD million)

Analyzing the sales table, it is easy to notice the huge advantage it has over its competitors at the moment the largest consulting company Open Finance. Its share in the total sales of the companies covered by the analysis is over 57% of the market. The big surprise is the fact that it is not Expander, as many people might think, and it is Good Finance Credit House that holds the position of the market vice-leader.

Until recently, there was a belief, confirmed by analyzes, that the financial intermediation market consists of two players – Open Finance and Expander, and then far nothing. The example of Good Finance shows how important an innovative approach to the market is and not following trends promoted by the competition.

It is impossible not to notice the advertisements or billboards of the two previously mentioned companies or until recently the “big player”. However, Good Finance decided on the quality of service and customer satisfaction, which is the best way to recommend and build brand value.

Another distinction of Good Finance

Another distinction of Good Finance

Among the competition is the lack of having premises with windows in the centers of large and smaller cities, which also, according to the ZFDF report, does not prevent the achievement of very good sales results. The list clearly shows that the top three Loan and Credit Independent Advisors have over 85% of the entire market, and this is a big challenge for all other companies that should fight hard for their piece of cake.

However, what about the sales values ​​and market share, the position of Open Finance seems rather unprotected for a longer period of time. However, one should observe with further interest the further trends of Expander and Good Finance.

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