December 27, 2019

Change the bank mortgage loan through a broker

Many people make the decision to change their bank mortgage credit. The truth is that to make it a little less complicated, the ideal is to help you from a mortgage broker. But, before entering fully into the steps that you must perform for this change, it will be necessary to know a little more about this character of finance.

Mortgage broker, key piece to change bank mortgage credit

Mortgage broker, key piece to change bank mortgage credit

An excellent alternative to be able to change the bank mortgage credit, is to help you with a broker. This character has become quite important in the finances of Mexicans, by helping them not only with the change of bank, but also in the selection and obtaining of a loan to buy a house. In other words, it will be the intermediary between the client and the banking institution.

Steps for the transfer of mortgage credit

Steps for the transfer of mortgage credit

Next, we leave in your hands the steps to be able to change the bank mortgage loan through Eeyore. Remember that by advising you for us, you will be leaving your finances with specialists in the sector.

  • Contact us, to take your obligations regarding debts, interceding with the new bank. This advice is accompanied by guidance on the new credit, which involves: the new conditions; the benefits; and the rates of the new bank.
  • As financial advisors, we will explain about the requirements that you will have to meet, such as: having an impeccable credit history. This directly affects the success of the transfer of housing credit.
  • Inform us about your employment situation, which must be yes or yes stable.
  • You must determine the period you will take to pay the debt. The more years, the more attractive to the new bank.
  • Have your account statements and have a folder with all the papers that the previous bank gave you.
  • Having an excellent legal history of housing, since if you are the first owner, it will be an advantage for the bank change.

As you can see, the steps are not so complicated,but being advised by experts is much better.

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